One of the oldest genres doesn’t lose positions even in this century. People enjoyed Arcade games for years because of a not difficult mechanics and addictive process. Not to mention that these popular products are the perfect time killers.

Remember this cool game from our childhood about scary zombies and brave plants? Or the one where you shoot the colorful balls to combine the line and don’t let it get closer to the end? Every product in this category is simple and has the same gameplay in all levels. The two things that change are the speed and location. Most of them are endless, so you can test yourself and compete with your friends and other players. Discover who is the strongest and the most skilled user that will stay alive the biggest amount of time. Arcade is the perfect option for people who are searching for a good activity to spend some time and relax. You won’t find the difficult missions, hard jigsaws and thrilling scenes – only the relaxed walkthrough and fun.

Every game usually has similar features with other products of this genre. The graphics are always cute and cartoon, well-detailed sound effects follow every action and the main aim is the same – to score a huge number of points. You can win and complete levels, but usually you won’t reach the final of the game. Arcade is also about good old platformers, like Mario. The products in this genre usually don’t have a plot, but you can find a game with interesting stories, well-written characters and various dialogues. Casual runners are also included to the list in this category.

This genre is so big that you can totally find something to play, searching this category. So remember the good old days and press the start button to feel this familiar atmosphere. This category is for all ages, so you have full access to it.