Baldi’s Basics Classic

Game Description

Go back to school and remember the good old days. But bright and funny school days are in the past. Control an average student that was left in this empty building alone with a scary teacher to learn math. At some point you notice that, the professor starts acting weird, so you have no choice but run away.

Exciting quests are waiting for you in long halls. Find all special notebooks the creepy teacher had left for you, to survive and escape the building. There are difficult mathematical tests in every notebook you have to solve.

We need to warn you, several riddles are extremely difficult while you won’t answer others. And you may think you can make mistakes and nothing changes. But in Baldi’s Basics Classic you won’t leave without the punishment.

The thing is, a cruel teacher beats you every time you solve the task wrong. And your mistakes add to his speed, so next time you won’t be able to hide in time. His scary friends and other fearsome pupils also decided to pay a visit and they are happy to join the frightening professor here.

Collect useful items to help yourself defend from them. Try all cool game modes here and enjoy your pastime. Find the exit and save your poor character from a real monster.