Boris and the Dark Survival

Game Description

Play as a wolf and get necessary supplies for your refuge. What task can be easier, you think. But when a huge demon starts to chase you, you will understand the real reason why it is called Boris and the Dark Survival.

All actions take place in a large studio with many floors. Every time you start a game you appear on a random floor, and the map of it also changes. To pass level you need to find 6 objects that differ according to location. It can be various mechanisms, books, cutlery, radio or other items.

Complete various fascinating quests to get them and collect. Frightening monster appears after you pick two objects, so prepare yourself. It attacks you and scares you to death. After you notice him, run to a special station or try to outsmart him. Collecting all items doesn’t mean you pass round.

This creature starts to run after you and you need to overcome all obstacles and reach the elevator to complete your main task and get to refuge. Remember about your energy indicators – eat small meals to replenish it and move forward to your main aim. Here vending machines will help you.

Try hard mode and improve your stealth skills. Cool graphics and interesting processes are waiting for you here.