Bravo Stars

Game Description

It’s so difficult to find an entertaining coop. Bravo Stars hands the coolest guns to the cutest characters, giving them a perfect sheltered place to cross their weapons. Furthermore, the non-cruelty politics make it suitable for kids from 9 years of age!

Try each of over 15 popular modes: play volleyball on the sunny beach, fight in a trio, or be a bandit hunting for other wanted bandits. In each case, you must cooperate with troopers to increase your chances. And aside from the competitive factor, teamwork is simply more fun.

This game links you closely with the lovely character you pick. You have plenty of hero cards to unlock, but usually, users choose a couple of the prettiest buns and put all their effort into upgrading them.

People of all ages come to the braggy party every day! Celebrate victories, spend your coins on skins, or stand out with a brawl pass legendary outfit. Matches last no longer than 5 minutes and require a good internet connection.