Bum Simulator

Game Description

Imagine some megapolis. What images come to your mind first? Certainly, some busy roads, trendy cafes and crowded streets. However, if we turn a few districts from the city center we will see an absolutely different picture. Dirty streets, rubbish is everywhere and many homeless people walking around, searching for some food or money. One of these districts is actually the setting of this game.

In Bum Simulator you are going to play for one of those homeless guys. You appear to be living on the street. There is nothing to do but roaming around the streets, talking with people and begging for a few coins. You are going to meet many different characters. They will tell you their secrets and their own story about this city.

On your way you will get different tasks and challenges. You will need to cope not only with everyday difficulties, but also with some unexpected issues. However, don’t get it too serious. Remember that all bummers are easy-going, so just accept the challenge and enjoy such entertainment. Use pigeons as a weapon to bother some people. Make from a few boxes a real cosy place to stay in. Learn some secrets from chemistry to produce your own alcohol. Get into the bums world to understand their lifestyle.