Clash Heroes

Game Description

In the new war strategy Clash Heroes, you will break into the crowd of enemies with your own sword and spells. Here is your chance to take over the business and show your crew how winners play!

Developers have stepped aside from canons with RPG mechanics. That’s the only game of the series where you have complete control over one hero. Each level puts you face to face with skilled enemies who can knock you off with a couple of hits. No army behind, just you and a bunch of faithful teammates.

You can choose from five main characters of the earlier game series, but it’s highly recommended to take a look at knights that joined the guild recently! Train your favorite hero in the power of attack, armor, agility, and steadiness. Personalize him or her, picking a costume from a set of harmonized outlooks.

New mechanics require new gameplay. Fortunately, Supercell developed their idea with great care, adding the story, wave mode, timed rounds, and multiplayer. Up to three players can connect to one map, which is useful in defeating crucial bosses and is simply fun. As in every RPG, characters must complement each other, so discuss strategy with your friends beforehand.

Beautiful 3D locations and battle effects, cooperation and unusual play—Clash Heroes has everything to steal your heart. The largest wars consist of the smallest cells, developers remind us. And the outcome of the global game conflict is in your little hands!