Clash Mini

Game Description

Compete with decent opponents on an online battlefield! Clash Mini is best played in multiplayer. You meet in an 8×5 blocks area to thrash each other in three quick rounds.

What’s the purpose if the game lasts barely five minutes? First, you can spectate the results of your strategy straight away to change it for the upcoming round. Second, the dislocation of your competitor’s troops is partially indefinite, which adds the element of surprise. In online combat, you can either predict the next actions and reply according to your guess or compose a killer army other players should adjust to.

Light and dark clans are plentiful of new characters, from knights to pets and undead. Make sure you know how to unlock their potential! A little tip for you: warriors can help each other. For example, by tossing close fight classes on the enemy territory, so they have fewer chances to fall from wizard spells.

Single-player is a place to loot buffing items. Here, you will find helmets, spears, robes, and swords for the defense, critical attack, and health of your knights. So, each army will hit differently, forcing you to train combatants and work on battle models.

Simple but multi-optional gameplay makes Clash Mini the best platform for friendly wars. Neither you nor the opponent knows what will happen in the next moment, giving you a space to bluff and maneuver. It’s only one of three experimental strategy games you need to try!