Clash Quest

Game Description

Clash Quest is one of three Supercell teasers created on the basis of Clans. Another experiment with fighting mechanics brings us on a chessboard.

Following the game plot, the ship of your heroes was wrecked by hostile fire in the middle of the sea. Fortunately, waves brought you to a distant island shore, but separated the troops. You must scrutinize the whole archipelago for traces left by your friends. But your search is constantly interrupted by an alien army, who have supposedly sent the missile over your vessel.

You have no advantage on stranger isles, and you can locate your scarce forces on a 3×3 blocks field. When a warrior or a team of warriors completes their game mission, they vacate the place for another ally to continue forcing. This way you move through an unfriendly castle territory, taking rivalry treasures as compensation.

Clash Quest has no time limits. At your usual pace, think out a good strategy with minimum loss and maximum benefit.

Tutorial tips will tell you that heroes attack in different directions with different powers. For example, archers can shoot arrows over fences, and wizards cast spells over six blocks at a time. To surge the performance of your army, unlock new magical attacks, swords, and armor at the end of the battle or by coins.

Complete twenty puzzling levels and take a look at other game modes! After the main storyline, you can unlock extra dungeon levels and challenge fans in multiplayer.