Cookie Clicker

Game Description

While playing you often need to do many things and to think a lot. And this may probably make you saddle a little bit. But there are also many games which have in fact almost no things to think about. And this is one of them, actually. You don’t need to bother yourself with difficult questions to solve or complex moral issues to think about. Here you need to click only. Click as much as you want, and do it the way you prefer – slowly, fastly, rhythmically, it does not influence anything.

If it’s crispy it’s satisfying

Most of us like pastry, and if we see some – we like to taste it. But here you don’t have a chance to taste some food. You can only collect it. Cookie clicker is a release about nothing and about everything at the same time. You can collect as much as you wish, change their look and customize everything you can imagine. You can get lots of achievements and to create your own world of the unending world of crackers of all sorts. Wanna try?