Dark Deception Chapter 4

Game Description

Dark Deception Chapter 4 is a new part of the famous frightening story, which gives you amazing horror adventures. Take part in the scary maze and observe how easily you can mix horror plot or the story and funny design.

You got stuck in the mysterious dark world where its inhabitants look like some characters of the craziest nightmares. The monsters are threatening but hilarious at the same time. Once you get trapped in the maze, do your best and try to find your way out of that trap.

Figure out your way to survive in all this craziness. Escape out from the dozens of labyrinths, secret rooms and locked doors. You need to be really fast and plan all your steps in advance in order to run away before being caught by the monster.

New part has already prepared new features and characters for your enjoyment. Some freshly added tools and boosters, upgraded and realistic design up to the all modern standards. Test your skills and enjoy the maxes of the nightmare’s universe.