Elastic Man

Game Description

Rick has been testing a high-risk experimental device on Morty again, and our boy is elastic now! His grandpa doesn’t really try to restore his face. Well, we can’t hear Morty complaining either!

So, you’re welcome to play with Morty’s face. It can be stretched and wrinkled to a non-human extent without causing harm. His physics looks like a popped balloon, gathering ripples on the surface while you pull and bouncing back to normal when released.

It may feel strange at first, but a few moments later, you’ll get the beauty of straining someone’s cheeks without the danger of ripping them off. If you love tactile sensations, you’ll be excited. If you don’t, you’ll be amused.

The digital squish freezes in funny faces that are worthy of screenshots for your friends. In short, this game is a perfect daily antistress.