Game Description

It’s farming time! Have you ever thought about moving somewhere to the outskirts of the city, you started enjoying the peaceful life of a common farmer? If you are tired of this noisy city life with crowded streets and busses Everdale is a nice chance to escape from all that hustle and bustle. Build up your own village with its own rules, control all the spheres of life and make everything look as you wish. Choose the best characters and lands.

Cooperate with friends and create your own world. Grow and harvest different vegetables, fruit and crops. Remember, that organic food is the latest trend, so the more you produce the more money you earn. Cover the new lands which are laid around your village. Grow fresh and sweet fruits in the garden. Keep the peaceful relationships with your friends and neighbors. Collect various natural resources and use them in further building and development.

In this game you won’t have any limits. You can work hard and get new achievements every day. Otherwise you can enjoy the easy-going lifestyle and play using the speed which is the most relaxing. Without any hurries slowly develop your little village. Teach your characters new skills and abilities to produce more goods.