Evil Nun 2

Game Description

Who said that they are good and kind? Meet Evil Nun 2 that will dispel all rumors and show you real nightmare. This huge scary house full of frightening monsters and this terrifying sister won’t let you escape and will become your grave. To avoid this tragic end, find an exit from this terrible place quickly and run away.

Your stealth skills are the main keys to winning the game. Every room is home for one or two mystical creatures, and they are also wandering long halls searching for uninvited guests.

Try to sneak into the room unnoticed. In case they find you, quickly reach the nearest shelter, like a big bed or large wardrobe, and hide there, until they calm down. To pass game you need to complete difficult jigsaws and riddles.

Search for different useful tools, combine them or use on other objects and open new doors and boxes. So in the end you can unlock the main door and become free. Fortunately, all demons are mortal. You are able to shoot them with a massive shotgun and other weapons you will get after a couple chapters. Destroy them before escaping and beat the final boss.

Rid the world of these demons and ghosts and save your poor character. Play this thrilling horror on this site for free.