Far Cry 6

Game Description

Wake up on an imaginary island somewhere in the Caribbean sea and take part in an amazing adventure and fight for freedom and prosperity. Here you are going to play for a man, who is trying to break the dictatorship on the island and allow all the citizens to live freely, without any fear and dangers for their lives. It is going to be hard. The island is ruled by a ruthless man called Castillio. Together with his son he is going to fight for his beliefs and rules, which were established in the country.

This game includes a lot of episodes with shootings, fights and action. While playing, meet different citizens, start friendships. Remember, that not everyone should support your ideas. You can sound persuasive. However, be careful of coming danger, if the dictator decides to destroy your plans. Act wisely, every day build new strategies and follow your main dream, to break that regime. Use the knowledge you get to make all your plans come true. Buy weapons and guns to protect yourself.