Project Glowstick

Game Description

This history took place in our well-known Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Nothing has changed: night animatronics are still waddling around, but this time, you’re completely defenseless against them.

You’re playing for a kid who, according to his height, has barely reached the age of five. The poor kiddo doesn’t remember where their parents are and what this eerie entertainment restaurant is for.

We’re used to playing a grown-up guardian that, though surrounded, is never in a desperate position. He has control over all entrances and mechanical tools in the building, which help him prevent sudden attacks.

All you have in FNAF Project Glowstick is fast feet and tricks to distract the animatronic’s attention. Collect all light wands for Springtrap and get the chance to escape. But stay out of sight of cruel old Bonnie!