Forza Horizon 4

Game Description

Why do people play in this game? Well, it’s a place for real car fans. Over 400 car models, ranging from the lightest Peel to bulky Terradyne Gurkha. Rush down the streets of Britain on the sound-speed Ferrari or take pleasure in a peaceful Volkswagen ride, peeking at sunlit old Edinburg houses. Dive in a humid London mist, get poured by rain glowing in headlights and spectate the beauty of British roads.

Every week the season changes, bringing new daily challenges. Every hour you participate in the multiplayer race for the rich prize. You can spend local money on the car of your dream and give it a crazy tune. Tinker brakes, change tires and springs, adjust aerodynamics and see how it will affect acceleration, maximum speed, and the distance of braking.

The temper of cars is conveyed perfectly. Their engines make different noises, their bodies boast individual features and shapes of headlights. So, if you’re obsessed with motors, this racer is a must-have.