Fran Bow 2

Game Description

Fran Bow 2 acquaints us with a little girl, suffering from a serious psychiatric disturbance and the destiny unjust to her. She survived the inexplicable death of her mother and farher. They were found killed with their body parts separated in their dwelling. After that tragedy, the little girl decided to leave for the dark and lonely forest with her only one friend a black cat, presented to her by parents.

When she came out of this horror story, she found herself in a godforsaken orphan house a depressive and frustrating center of mental health for children, without her adorable fluffy friend.

After long hours of dreaming about her sweet cat, she makes up mind to break out. The girl decided to run away from a psychiatric facility to set out in search of her beloved cat. As she finds him, she can return to the house of her aunt, the only one relative, who stayed alive.

This adventure has a lot of new features:

Frightening psychological thriller involves you in the whole story. Design and animation is so unique and exceptional: you can easily give medicines by injection and discover a covered world. This for sure will help you to solve all the twisters and puzzles to find all the hidden objects. By the way, there are so many brain-teasers, created especially depending on the difficulty level. They all are based on real stories. You can stop but listen to the specific soundtrack, developed in tune with the mysterious story of this poor little girl.