vs Week 7

Game Description

Friday Night Funkin Week 7 is very funny and joyfull. Can dance in the club or at the disco? And if your partner is a father of the girl who is looking at you?

Prove him that your dancing skills are better and have a chance to ask the girlfriend to dance in the town! To dance professionally – pay attention to the different colored arrows.

On the first level you’re with the girl – try to impress her at the dance, but on the next level you’ll meet the girl’s father, who will certainly scary you. Do your best to stop trembling and your knees moving. In the next level you have to sing in the microphone all kinds of songs, from rock, dance, R&B and others.

All your favorite heroes are waiting here – Spooky Month, Pico, Mommy Must Murder, Senpai. Ant at last you’ll meet Tankman. Win him on the rhythms!