From the darkness

Game Description

You enter the abandoned apartments of your passed grandpa. Just to pick up the family album and go away. But grandpa was missing you so much he won’t let you go…

The game launches in an eerie Russian apartment block. Your grandfather has died recently, and you were asked to return the photo album so it won’t get lost. On the entrance door, you see a strange note: “If you don’t stop making noise at night, we will call the police.”

The rooms are so dead. You walk into the kitchen, the wrecked living room, find the dirty bathroom, then enter the grandpa’s bedroom and… BOOM! The fun begins!

In this horror, you always know where the trouble hides. But it’s like ripping out a tooth: you’re aware it’s going to happen, though it never eases things up. Shadows are giggling at you, giving you a glance at something you don’t want to see. With each minute, apartments become more triggering, revealing their crazy side.

There’s no exit anymore. Only you and something that gazes at you in the Darkness…