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Game Description

The latest game from the Lunime series is available on any device! This chapter is a golden mean of all anime world history.

From World and League, it inherited the battle system, shaping it and fulfilling brilliant old ideas. Meet anime knights and mages, skilled warriors ready to raid the dragon cave on your first call.

From Studio, it took hundreds of cute pets. Find colorful dogs and cats, vivid parrots, and rare fantastic animals you can find only in this anime world. Train them to help you along the way, and ask their advice while going through the curious story. With charming mountable pets, you can complete quests faster.

The character menu is worth a special notion. It will take long months to unlock every bit of clothes from the infinite wardrobe! Now, you can adjust paired accessories separately: for example, set a unique lens color for each eye or wear two different socks. Some items like swords have a direct impact on your character’s stats of health, the strength of the attack, and defense.

You can’t pass by four mini-games with wonderful hand-made graphics! They are Lemo and Yuni Dance, Usagi vs. Lemo shooter, Mascot Whack-a-mole, and cards of Memory Match. Earn diamonds for each victory and compete for top places on the leaderboard!

And after enjoying the story, try the updated Studio that will take your movies to the next level. Make professional cartoons and pictures and receive positive feedback in the artistic fan community!