Gacha Life 2

Game Description

For a long time, fans were waiting for the sequel to come. Instead, it was canceled and substituted by Gacha Club, which is available for free now.

What has happened? Since lunime kept Gacha Life 2 release details under a thick cover, we can’t say anything about what it would’ve been like. Creative fans have turned their expectations into beautiful conspiracy theories, but unfortunately, we can’t rely on fantasies. Instead, we have lots to learn about the unexpected Club: a decent alternative to the sequel players have been anticipating passionately.

In short, it’s a compilation of all previous chapters. Lunime has published a list of side-offs with different activities for each. For instance, while one focused on pet training, the other offered you a film studio. The Club merges the best features of old apps.

Customization has leveled up. Now, you can adjust particular parts of your outfit: like, put a bracelet on a single hand or wear differently colored socks. Also, the wardrobe and the posture menu were updated.

Pets receive more customization options. You will choose one lovely companion from the collection to support you during the journey and even talk with! Plus, there is a range of mountable pets.

Battle mechanics are copied from the World chapter. They resemble Pokemon Nintendo fights, where you must choose the type of attack and then wait for the enemy to reply.

This way, the latest release has successfully substituted the sequel. The Club is all you need to enjoy a full picture of the featured anime world.