Gartic Phone

Game Description

People’s misunderstandings – they’re so loud about it. Psychologists make research papers on this topic, ordinary people reflect and find their own answers which they apply to their surroundings. But from the other side – it’s a human’s disadvantage that they can never run out of steam. So the only thing that remains is to make some fun of it! We all know that children’s game named Gartic Phone, and here we are to meet the digital version of this legendary distraction.

Old, but gold

We were playing sitting in a circle, close to each other, and laughing. It was a joyful childhood, and it didn’t matter, in fact, of what age the participants were – the more the better. This time we find ourselves in totally different circumstances. We cannot approach each other closely, we work and study from home, so what team play are we talking about? But modern problems require modern solutions, that’s why we use for gathering with friends the same sources we use for work.