Granny 3

Game Description

You’ve decided to visit your grandparents on the weekend, but they don’t seem happy about this idea. The granddad shoots you with a rifle and locks you down in the cellar, so you don’t disturb them. Absolutely not the activity you were planning!

Unlock the door quietly and go outside. Explore three floors of the dilapidated hat, searching for any keys, matches, and other trifles you might combine in the future. You have no backpack, so you must remember where things lie to return later. Or you can pile them up near your cell, where you will return more than once during the game.

Listen to the footsteps of grandma and the cracked laughter of grandpa. They are the markers of their approach. When you feel they’re coming, quickly hide under the wooden bed or in the wardrobe. If they’ve spotted your presence, you still can escape their merciless hands, but don’t rely much on hides then.

The third horror chapter is difficult even in normal mode. Grandfather holds his hands on the shotgun all the time, and grandmother meets you on the ways you thought were clear. The gameplay is even more complicated by narrow house passages and dead-end rooms with treacherous hides.

Luckily, you have a great advantage: you don’t lose items from the inventory. Plus, all things you’ve thrown away remain in the place you’ve left them. And finally, you can defend yourself with the shotgun! Just find the proper key for the locker and collect bullets the grandpa spread over the house.

After five unsuccessful plays, grandparents get tired of the noise you make. They’ve invented several bad endings while killing you time after time. For good endings, you can swim away in the boat, breach the gate while in the old car, and simply run away. As a bonus, developers made one happy end with Slenderina, but find it on your own!