Granny Chapter 2

Game Description

Are you ready to feel the frightening atmosphere of real horror? Play Granny Chapter Two where everything works to immerse you to the world of fear. Fearsome voice effects and music, strange and scary graphics, cruel antagonists and mystical story with its own horrible and sad secrets. And the amount of creepy monsters that live in this huge dark house will make you try really hard.

Starting from the first room your mission is to escape from this mansion. The main problem is a closed door separates you from desired freedom. To open it and run away you need some useful tools and the key.

Various instruments allow you to move forward to your aim. Find the small flashlight and the hammer to help yourself in the process. And different destructive weapons in your arsenal will be useful in fights.

Your worst enemies – the old lady and her husband are here to prevent you from escaping. You have five days to complete your mission and all this time they will chase you. The main monster can hear everything, so you need to be very careful. And she also has terrifying pets that defend various necessary tools. Kill them with a massive shotgun or outsmart. Enjoy this exciting game here and explore all unique endings.