Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

Game Description

New unique version of your favorite game is already here. Go to the house on your street that belongs to the creepy man. Find the poor passerby that was closed in the dark basement and run away. Complete this hard mission to win this tough battle.

First of all you need to turn off the generator. Your enemy won’t be able to use the elevator and hidden cameras to find you. Then search for useful objects that will help you in the process like magnet, scrap and key card. To reach them you need to try really hard. As you see many exciting quests are waiting for you here.

Take a look at well-detailed rooms here. For example the main chamber has a small television and a big carpet. And if you look closely at old furniture you can discover secret instruments. You can open them when you pass the new level.

To escape the building and save your character you should search for keys and cards that give you the opportunity to open all exits. Huge and dark building full of secrets that need to be revealed. And the main riddle is in his cellar, so be ready for unexpected plot twists.

Invite your friends and compete together. Discover who will pass the plot quicker and discuss the story together. Spend time with fun!