Hollow Knight: Silksong

Game Description

Hollow Knight: Silksong is a new word in the adventure genre. Yes, this is 2D, but believe us, this release will make you think about the quality of 3D games. Incredible gloomy landscapes suck you in, a huge variety of actions and consequences. Your fate is only in your hands and only you know how to dispose of it.

Here tactical thinking, resourcefulness, and the desire to get out of this whirlpool will come in handy. The mechanics of the gameplay are simple, but the elaboration of all the little things is simply amazing. The musical component is just something. Epic symphonic music with gothic features just won’t give you a chance to fail.

Also, the concern of the developers will not let you lose, because they tried their best. Added a huge number of artifacts and amulets that will come in handy for your hero.