Horror Geometry Dash

Game Description

Try this new cool arcade with unusual mechanics in cartoon 2D world. Here you control the tiny square with eyes that has to reach the exit of long caves full of dangerous obstacles. A bunch of interesting levels and difficult quests are waiting for you here.

Start from an easy level, where you need to jump on different pillars and avoid sharp thorns. Move between floor and ceiling and reach the end of the road to continue your game. Controls are pretty comfortable, you need a mouse and couple keys. In the second act, you receive big space ship, which you need to transfer to the final spot. Don’t touch the edges of the map and shy away from unexpected obstacles. After many various hard levels, you finally get to the last one, where all fun begins. Barriers here are visible for a certain amount of time. It is almost impossible to jump over them and survive till the end. Will you take a chance?

This exciting product also has its unique features. For example, you won’t meet any bright objects here, because developers used the dark theme. And if you want to perfectly complete it, you have to collect three coins that appear on different stages. Pay attention and don’t miss the right time. Start your fascinating adventure right now here, enjoy the process and win!