Game Description

What do you imagine the history is? Is it what we were learning at school, and some of us continue to learn still? Maybe, but this game is gonna show you how variable it can be, if you want it to. The release is created so that you can find all sorts of facts from the history, but make them go the way you see it would be better. Will it be something good or bad? You decide!

Fullness and authenticity

Humankind contains all the events and main stages of development of all human history, and furthermore – they are represented here authentically. Moreover, the release is really complex, as this is a strategy, in fact, which offers you to use all the main inventions of humanity, to combine them, to get achievements and do all sorts of different things. The information about the cultures and nations is also included, so it’s up to you if you want to see the original development of the humans, or you want to create your own one. Start and lead people to the tops of the world!