Ice Scream Rod

Game Description

Rod is a creepy ice cream vendor who kidnaps children into his van and freezes them in it.

This is the main antagonist of Ice Scream. It appears in all parts and additions of this project. Like an ordinary ice cream vendor, he wears a white shirt and a blue apron, which can be replaced with a badge with his name on it. He also has white pants and black shoes. On his head is a strange mask that hides his real face.

In the game, he is a very evil character. He freezes poor children and kills them without feeling guilty at all. If you listen closely, he is constantly singing a song about how he is going to kill children. It makes you think he’s a psychopath.

He has very good hearing. That is why during the passage you should be very careful because he is ready to catch you at any time and freeze like other children. You can also take revenge on him for all the children. To do this, you will need to knock him down with a van.