Just Die Already

Game Description

If The Goat Simulator seemed not bonkers enough, try out the next studio’s creation! Lots of wicked jokes at death guaranteed.

Just Die Already transfers you into the body of an old cracked human who just got kicked out from the retirement house. After boring chess with grannies, you want some drive to shake up your rusty bones. Fortunately, the world is full of lethal dangers!

Explore the seamless city and taunt it when it dares to kill you. The hazard is in flipping hatches, energized teenagers, cars, rods, and everything the human can possibly bump into.

Cooperate with your ancient friend and die together! Two oldies with nothing to lose (except their limbs) are a real menace for urban integrity. Resist from blowing up the city for at least one minute.

Plus, you have a mission this time: the retirement house tickets are spread around the world. That means you have the chance to return to your steady life! But whether you want it is a whole different question…