Kick the Buddy

Game Description

It is a cool game antistress, where you can torture the poor doll in any ways. The thing is, it doesn’t receive any damage, so the torture never ends. And the more levels you pass, the more types of weapons unlock in the menu.

Here you can use anything as an instrument. Even the average objects, like vegetables, pencils and rulers will help you destroy the doll. And sharp knives, long needles, destructive guns and rifles will become indispensable in this horror. Take aim and shoot in the rag doll. Use slingshots, grenades and heavy hammers. Open other useful tools and get the rare ones, like special chainsaw and destructive rocket. Collect money on levels and buy the coolest tools.

You are able to move the puppet all over the location, toss it and throw on sharp traps. And be sure, it handles everything. Check all amazing additions that developers combined in this version. Relieve stress and take revenge on all your worst enemies. The controls here are comfortable, you need only your mouse to play. The cute cartoon graphics is pleasing to the eye and doesn’t need the new and expensive device. Spend time with fun in Kick the buddy. Enjoy the process and tell friends about this exciting product.