Lily’s Garden

Game Description

Sometimes, life turns upside down. That’s what happened to Lily: she had a breakup, her house was falling apart, and the work just didn’t go. But every cloud has a silver lining. That was her great aunt Mary that left Lily a mansion with a great big garden. With nothing to hold her up in the city, our game heroine rushed to the country house.

As it always is, your new possession is a bit of chaos. But loads of work will distract you from problems of the past, opening your eyes to new opportunities. What about neighbors? New places? The place of kidhood has lots of secrets lying around. Who knows, maybe your true love wanders here?

To return a special spark to your living place, play mini-puzzles three-in-a-row! Collect combos of colorful flowers and earn money, items, decorations, and complete missions.