Little Nightmares 2

Game Description

The second part of the popular game is already here. Aesthetic 2D platformer returns on your screens with new exciting and interesting plot, improved gameplay and good old heroes. Little Nightmares 2 is a new upgraded version, where you need to solve another mystic riddle and escape from a strange world full of dangerous monsters.

Your character – a little boy with a funny hat appears in a dark forest. Here he meets our friend – a girl from the previous part who will help us till the end. From this moment this brave duo starts their fascinating adventure.

To win they have to unite and complete various difficult quests. But the main problem is frightening monsters in every location. There are small creatures that cause you damage, but can be stopped by a hammer or flashlight. At the end of every level you meet the final boss.

To reach the next level, beat him and find an exit. After each chapter you will watch a small scene of a strange door in television that opens in the end, so you can find terrifying truth. As a cool bonus you are able to collect different hats and dress your personage in them.

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