Little Nightmares

Game Description

The Internet is going crazy about this cool aesthetic game and that’s not a huge surprise. Cute cartoon graphics, interesting and exciting plot and tense atmosphere are main reasons why Little Nightmares is so popular even after a couple years. We offer you the opportunity to try it on this site for free, so don’t waste this unique chance.

You play as a small girl in a yellow raincoat that wakes up in a strange submarine with frightening monsters on board. Despite this girl is smaller than all these demons and other creatures, she isn’t afraid of them and decides to escape the horrifying boat anyway. She starts her dangerous adventure to the upper deck of this submarine and many hazardous obstacles that she needs to overcome are on her way.

This horror is a 2D platformer, so improve your stealth skills and ability to move and jump carefully. Avoid being caught by all fearsome ghosts and be smart where you need to. There is only a tiny lighter that will help you in dark corners, rooms and tunnels, so rely only on your skills. Remember to eat food and don’t touch meals for guests.

Discover the truth of this mystical boat and reach its exit. Enjoy the fascinating walkthrough here!