Lunch Lady

Game Description

In 2021 we`re proud to present you an online Horror survival game for group of 4. Come the degree examinations, all rolls around the idea of stealing quiz answers. The goal is to reveal ten pages without being caught in Lunch Lady`s net.

So the gameplay is next: players need to walk around their dark and shady school in a bid to find final quiz answers. Above-mentioned furious and mad women will always be hot on the track of your team. But you still need to get all the pages and go while the going is good. Every game is alternative. Every trap will be in another place as well as every item to collect. The enemy also will be getting fiercer and faster. Tine runs fast. If you survive, you’ll run on the keys and will be able to open the doors. In case of emergency, you can always use first aid kit. Work within a team and be clever enough not to get a good scolding.

Need to know features:

Up to 4 persons in a group, but if you are a lone wolf, why not, play alone. Perfect voice support is waiting for your team. I there something better that your dear friends screaming from fear round the corner? You can choose the difficulty mode that suits you: from light to mad one. Each episode is replayable. We`ve added New Maps with answers, keys and first aid kits hidden in different places. More experienced you become the bigger level you get. New levels therefore unlock new personages. You can enjoy impressive 3D audio to feel all the mysterious atmosphere of the dark school.