Milk Crate Challenge

Game Description

Every month new trends appear on the Internet, they gain millions of followers and thousands of people take part in them. This month is not an exception. Have you already heard about Milk Crate Challenge? Definitely, yes! The rules are simpler that ever.

People build a little construction, which looks like a mountain. The most interesting fact is that it is made from plastic containers with many holes in them. Such an architecture doesn’t look really stable. To complete the task you need to walk through all the construction from start to finish without ruining anything or falling down.

However, such a game is dangerous too. Some not well-prepared people, who thought that it is an easy thing, got injured after a few unsuccessful attempts. But someone’s failure doesn’t mean you can’t try. You don’t need to buy the containers or do other stuff. Just open this game, click start and show how skilled you are.

Choose the character you would like to. Each of them have some special abilities and peculiarities. Be careful and don’t do any rapid moves. Practice a lot and train the sense of balance. Reach your goals and share the achievement with other fans of Milk Crate Challenge. There will be many spectators.