Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

Game Description

The grand Minecraft update is nearly at the reach of your palm! The first part is already playable, and the second one takes a little more patience.

In version 1.17, you will meet mountain goats, pretty glowing squids, and mini-axolotls. Down the dark dungeons, you can loot a range of new decorative items for your house: dripstone, azalea, amethyst, and raw copper (why not?)

The 1.18 game build prepares excavation sites and cave biomes lush with flowers and sensor blocks. To the engineers’ excitement, sensors can receive vibrations from moves and send them wirelessly to the distant mechanism. To the bad luck of miners, a new extremely powerful monster will use this feature to locate the player.

But enough to read! Launch the latest release right now and say hello to the brand new sandbox world!