Minecraft Dungeons

Game Description

Minecraft Education Edition gives new knowledge, as well as a lot of opportunities. Travel to the most amazing places in the world, take part in new interesting missions and don’t miss the biggest adventure of your life! Collect unique artifacts, earn coins and jewelry, get powerful weapons to defeat the enemies from evil ancient worlds.

You can fulfill all the tasks alone if you don’t trust anyone. But it’s more interesting to be a part of the powerful team and together fight against the evil-doers. Join up and struggle in order to stay alive. All the levels you need to finish are full of jewels and interesting quests. Inspite of the diversity of goals you just need to save as many innocent lives as possible, and destroy the main opponent.

Upgrade your game features and play in team mode. You can defeat the enemies in teams of four. Turn on various add-ons to ease your way and get more scores. This survival mission can be a real challenge, are you ready for it?