Mr Meat

Game Description

Save a poor girl that is trapped on a pig farm with a frightening man. You need to do everything to find her and run away together. Be quiet, because Mr Meat has already gone hunting.

According to information you know, the average girl came to this strange farm to work and went missing after the first day. You decide to hold your own investigation and come to this frightening place, where the killer is hiding.

He is a tall man dressed in bloody clothes with a huge animal leg in his arms, who doesn’t like the fact that you sneaked into his house. Game is full of interesting and difficult jigsaws and riddles that you need to solve to find missing victims. Yeah, turns out he stole more people than everybody knows.

He is a serious enemy because of his hearing. Every time you drop heavy objects on the floor, close doors or make other noises, he runs to the source of it to punish uninvited guests. Only salvation – are many shelters, like wardrobes, tables and dark corners, where he can’t reach you. If you won’t run, he will beat you with his terrifying weapon.

The game is very exciting and has cool realistic graphics and atmosphere sound effects. Try it on this site and save everyone from this cruel monster.