Ouija Board

Game Description

In this game you receive the opportunity to speak to a real ghost. Prepare yourself, purchase necessary equipment and explore the building, where horrifying demons hide. You need to collect enough evidence to reveal the real name of the phantom in the house, and the mystical Ouija Board will help you discover the truth.

It is a part of an enormous arsenal of different tools that you can use to search for traces of a demon’s presence. You are able to find it while exploring building and use it to get all answers. For example, ghosts can show you its concrete location, tell you a terrifying story and give information about its victims. But be careful, there is a big chance that you will make it angry.

In this case, you may lose your sanity or be attacked by demons. But interaction with this unique object guarantees you a huge reward in the end, even if you don’t guess the name correctly. Try other items too, take photos of all ghosts and solve the main riddle with their help.

Go and start this thrilling horror now – even experienced gamers are pleased with this new process. Enjoy it with friends – it also has multiplayer which allows us to assemble a team of 4 people. Complete missions together and have fun!