Paper io 2

Game Description

Chilly classroom entertainments are even better in virtuality! No need to gather your friends under one roof, just send them a link to the room in Paper io 2.

You know the rules: take over the biggest chunk of the territory! Your little pixel icon beams a colorful tail: use it to draw lines of your first island and then expand its area. Other players can try stealing your chunk, but these greedy intentions are easily suppressed. The thing is, your tail is the most vulnerable point. When someone bumps into it, the game for an unfortunate conqueror is wasted.

So be cautious and draw small circles because you never know when another swimmer slides up. On the contrary, don’t hide in your small paradise, or you’ll be consumed by more active players.

Eat or be eaten! Attack competitors and claim their former territories. Survive until the two of you remain or the time goes down. Rapid rounds here last for about five minutes, so enjoy countless addictive plays with your friends.