Phasmophobia Ghosts

Game Description

Here you will become a member of a special team that explores different buildings with a strange paranormal activity to find evidence and discover the real source of it. This thrilling game has everything – exciting plot, new interesting mechanics and frightening demons. Try to reveal the right names of all phantoms that hide inside various houses.

So, you pressed the start button, purchased all necessary equipment and began to search for evidence. With help of various tools, like a thermometer, EMF reader and your microphone you will find dislocation of it, and by using notebook, salt and lamps you can receive useful traces. After you collect enough prints, look into guide book and think about the type of phantom.

There are many kinds of demons in Phasmophobia Ghosts. You are even able to meet Oni, Revenant and Spirit. They all differ according to traces and activity during the hunting phase. The most dangerous ones attack you immediately and don’t give you a chance to survive, while you have an opportunity to run away from average types and save your character.

Try this cool horror now – all poltergeists can hear you, so be quiet and careful, while wandering long halls. Good luck!