Pico Park

Game Description

Searching for cooperative entertainment, you can’t pass by Pico Park, a weird but cute puzzle for up to 8 players. Depending on the number of friends you will call, the levels will adjust to the size of your team. Together, you must think about how to catch the key and approach the exit door unharmed. The level brings you to the beginning even when one fellow dies!

But it’s not about driving you mad. The problems are simple to overcome when you’re talking to each other during the play. Find a chat to communicate and synchronize your moves.

When the story mode is over, what goes next? The Infinity mode, of course! Aim to the highest score in the run, but don’t forget about your mates—you won’t go far without their help. If you strive for a real challenge, the Battle will decide who is the fast thinker in your crew.