Psychonauts 2

Game Description

Previously, Raz saved their leader of minds Truman Zanotto, got closer with his new friends and especially the girl Lili, and was returning to the secret base. Expecting a time to recover, he only found a new challenge awaiting their squad.

In Psychonauts 2, while unlocking the brain of a kidnapped crazy Dr. Loboto, Raz gets a vision of a strange dead woman. She’s a cruel hydrokinetic who’s flooded the great capital of Gruvolia, and she’s alive with new powers.

However, even that’s not the end. It seems that old members of Psychic Six are completely delusional and out of order. But the powers of novices can’t compete with their experience, so Raz is entitled to skimming through their psychedelic minds. Weird, cracked visual narration with no logic is the focus of this dramatic chapter.