Secret Neighbor

Game Description

We bet you liked the main version of this game and wanted to play it with your friends. Secret neighbor allows you to enjoy it in a team with skilled gamers. Invite them and try together, assemble a team and discover the real traitor. Good old mafia with shooting elements and interesting plot returns on the screens.

Your character’s friend was kidnapped by a creepy man who lives on the same street. He closed him in a dark basement in his house. Save him with your brave squad and return home. But the thing is one of your teammates is a cruel impostor that wants to kill you all.

In the beginning the system draws up roles and decides who will become the betrayer. This person has a special mission – to lure into traps all other players and neutralize them. If you receive this role, get their trust and prevent them from opening the basement.

From the moment when you step into the building the horror part begins. Dark rooms, exciting quests and the thrilling atmosphere are waiting for you here. Pick up all useful loot that will help you in your walkthrough and solve all riddles to open new levels. Get to the basement and win the round. Your main enemy will interrupt you from escaping, defending the cellar. Don’t let him outsmart you and be careful!