In this category you will find the most popular and exciting Shooting games and pass them alone or with your best friends. Pick the perfect game for you, press the start button and show your aiming skills to get to the final.

The main interest in this genre is always the weapons. And that’s not a huge surprise. When you go fighting, this is the most important thing for your personage. So the game needs to have a huge variety of weaponry in the store. You can find massive shotguns, compact guns, accurate rifles and even the good old revolvers and machine guns. Improve them by searching for different parts like muffler, scope or extended magazines, or purchase them in the game store. And don’t forget about various skins for them. To play you also need good ammunition and other equipment, like grenades and cartridges. And of course, protect your character with the helmets, bulletproof jackets and good clothes.

The roles also can be different. Whether you try a first person product or other types, you can perform various roles. Try to become the most accurate sniper and back your team from high buildings. Or focus on improving your skills in killing the targets near you with the simple guns and rifles. Shooting can be different and you have the opportunity to pick your favorite type. And of course among all Shooting products you are able to choose various genres. Try the popular battle royale and win 30 players to get to the top, or explore the worlds full of your enemies alone. Choose a game with an interesting plot or just compete in the open world.

Score points, receive new improvements and search for the useful loot and items to survive. Discover cool novelties and become a professional gunner. Always carry a first aid kit and help your teammates to go through all obstacles together.