Slendrina Must Die 2

Game Description

Combine the exciting shooter and thrilling horror and you will get this cool product. Slendrina must die 2 provides you the opportunity to explore different locations, complete difficult quests and kill the main antagonist in the end. Choose the perfect game mode in the menu and start playing right now!

In the dark forest you need to collect seven keys, that will help you stop the scary monster. They are located in various parts of a forest, in small houses and right on the roads. The whole family of cruel ghosts will try to stop you in any ways. They don’t like uninvited guests, so they prepared dangerous traps for your brave personage. Be careful, walking on the tangled paths.

The huge mansion has its own creepy secrets, that you need to reveal. Find seven parts of the old picture and discover the truth about this monster family. Explore interesting rooms and the yard near the building. And don’t forget about your destructive weapons. Massive shotgun can protect you from all frightening creatures, and the sharp sword is perfect for close combats. Destroy them all, clean up the house and find all answers. Invite your friends and enjoy the fascinating walkthrough together. Good luck and have fun!