The Cellar 2

Game Description

Play this unique game with full freedom of movement and scary monster right now. Developers created the cool plot, added frightening ghost, that chases the main hero and moved all actions to a dark and well-detailed location. And the realistic graphics and creepy voice effects transfer you to the fearsome atmosphere. Try it now to see yourself and enjoy the walkthrough.

You need to pass three difficult levels. To escape from her dark and long basement you have to collect eight old books, that are hidden there. And some rooms are closed. Use special keys to open them and pick all necessary loot. The enormous maze is full of dangerous obstacles and traps, so be careful. The small lamp in your arsenal will help you reach your goal.

From the previous parts she really changed. Her model is now scarier, has a white dress with blood and long black hair. She became smarter – she knows, where you will go and waits for you there. To avoid meeting her, pay attention to the light of your lamp and strange noises. Don’t look at her and run away as soon as you see her eyes. She causes you damage and can easily kill you. And tangled corridors help her to catch you. Start it now here, find the desired exit and save your character.