Slendrina X

Game Description

You have already explored the huge abandoned house, dark forest, long mazes, cellars and schools, but today you will experience new feelings. We present you the enormous scary castle, where all spooky ghosts from the area gathered. Feel the adrenaline in your veins, wandering around long halls with high ceilings and frightening pictures on walls.

In Slendrina x you will search for the necessary keys again. It’s not a huge surprise, the main door is locked, so you need to escape to return home. And to complete this difficult mission alive you have to look for useful instruments, that can help in future. Your mystical enemies are going to attack you, beat and kill you in the end. To protect yourself, don’t look on them, hide in shelters, that developers placed all over the location and avoid unexpected traps.

Meet her fearsome husband too. He will show you, what is a real horror. Creepy man, dressed in black bloody costume and his wife with black hair and pale face are the owners of this castle. And they hate uninvited guests like you. Fight with them to save your life, open all closed doors and rush away. Start this cool game here and survive till the end. And use your headphones for full immersion.