Slendytubbies 2022

Game Description

The innocent childhood cartoon became real horror. Good old teletubbies turned into frightening demons and you have to beat them to survive. This is a plot of a thrilling product named Slendytubbies. Developers were inspired by the popular game Slenderman, but added new modes and different scary antagonists to process. You can try this version on our site right now.

The heroes of popular child movie suddenly turn into terrifying demons and you are locked in a building with them. To win them and escape alive you need to find and collect 10 plates with cream that are hidden on location.

You will fight against many dangerous antagonists, because Teletubbies have other friends that are happy to help them beat impudent guests. Also, developers added three modes, so you are able to enjoy walkthroughs alone, try it with friends or arrange a battle between two huge tubbies.

Don’t forget about equipment, because you totally need a flashlight and other items to complete all quests and solve jigsaws. You can’t kill your enemy, but in versus mode one of the players gets a task to destroy the enemy, while he searches for plates.

Discover other cool features of this project and prepare yourself to feel a real fear.